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Android Data RecoveryIt is amazing to see that today, cell phones and tablets have such large storage capacities. You can easily store 256 GB worth of images, phone numbers, business documents or more. These are amazing devices as they offer you the freedom of portability and accessibility for you.  Moreover, on the downside, complications can arise when your devices crashes and you then may have to resort to Android data recovery services. This area can be complicated because, depending on the way you have set up things, you could either hamper recovery attempts or facilitate them. Yes, your actions will also make a difference in how easily data is recovered from your devices. Most people generally end up assuming that their data is lost irrevocably. On the other hand, that’s not true at all. All deleted data leaves remnants or ghost files lurking around in the device for a little while. Even if you can’t do it, your android data recovery professional will be able to access these files and draw out your data. However, these files are very delicate and can be lost forever easily with one wrong step. That’s why to increase your chances of Android data recovery, you should pay attention to the following:

The Major Two Steps You Need to Take

The steps you take after you realize that your data is gone are the most important. So, once you do realize that you deleted something very important, you should do the following:

1.      Stop Whatever You’re Doing

As soon as you notice that files are missing and you can’t find them, stop using your device. This will increase the chances of recovery. Continuing to use it will actually prompt your device to dump or get rid of the ghost files too.

2.      Turn off the Device

Once you realize that the files are missing, turn your device off. This is another step that secures the remnants of your deleted files. If the device is still running, it could be actively self-cleaning to remove all the data and make room for new data. After these two steps, it is a good idea to head over to a repair and recovery specialist. Few people are skilled at this on their own. Instead of trying to DIY the recovery, let the experts handle it. There is a higher chance that they will be able to recover your data with ease.

5 Steps that Increase Chances of Android Data Recovery

Whether you’re on your way to the experts or can’t get to them in time, the following are some more steps that you should consider taking. These will actually boost the chances of successful Android data recovery from your device. So, if you want to make sure that you will be able to successfully recover the data, please try them out or make sure that you at least meet the criteria outlined here:

1.      You Lost Files Recently

If you lost your files recently(as in within the last hour or so) then there is a good chance of data recovery. In this scenario, it’s best to head to the recovery professionals immediately. That’s because the longer you wait, the more time your device has to do an auto-clean and get rid of all remnants and file traces. Many devices are meant to do self-cleaning checks every 12 hours or so.

2.      The Device Hasn’t Been Used Since

If you turned the device off after you lost the data or you stopped using it immediately, you have a higher chance of data recovery as well. This ensures that your device doesn’t get busy or gets prompt to make space for something else. Shutting down the device is better in this case as you won’t then be tempted to continue using it.

3.      The Device Storage Disk is Healthy

The storage disk of the device needs to be in a healthy condition. This reduces the chances of memory disk crashes which can cause a large scale memory dump. The healthier the disk is, the better it is at retaining your files and protecting them should the device crash.

4.      You Have Space Available

When the device is cramped for space and you accidentally delete files, you’re not going to have any remnants of the files left. Your device is busy trying to make room for all the data it already has. Any space you free up will be occupied straight away and you won’t be able to recover anything.

5.      The Files You Need to Recover are Small

The smaller your files are, the greater your chances of Android data recovery. In this case, you have to make sure that your lost files are smaller than 50GB. Large files are harder to recover and there’s a higher chance that they will be completely erased from your device. If you pay attention to these steps, you can ensure that data recovery on your Android will be successful. However, make sure to get the device to a professional for data recovery as soon as possible. They’re the ones who can determine whether data recovery is possible on your device or not. Image Text – Android phone Alt Text – A new Android phone Description – A new, red Android phone being unboxed and opened

4 Cases in Which the Chances of Android Data Recovery are Low

Apart from boosting the chances, your actions can also negatively harm successful data recovery. It’s a good idea to keep an eye so that should you lose data, you know what not to do.

1.      You Lost the Data a Long Time Ago

If you lost your data a day, week or a month ago, there’s little to no chance of recovery. You will have to accept that your files are lost.

2.      You Continued to Use the Device

If you continue to use the device, there’s a high chance that your device will delete the remnants and you will lose the files completely. It’s better to shut it down immediately.

3.      You Did a Reboot

Rebooting your device can be a huge mistake. It allows your device to dump all the remnants and ghost files and do a clean sweep before starting up again. Your files are lost irrevocably in this case.

4.      You Try to Install Data Recovery Software

Never install data recovery software on the same device that you lost the files from. Adding new files will prompt the device to delete the old ones so that it has room for the new data that is getting added. Avoiding these is important to ensure that your Android data recovery is successful and you don’t end up losing all your data.

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