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phone data recoveryOne area where most people face a lot of issues is in phone data recovery. Poor backup practices are the main contributors to issues in this area. Generally, people pay more attention to creating data backups for their PCs or laptops. Sadly, when the data on the phone is lost or damaged, it can leave one unprepared to deal with it. You will then realize that you lost all your pictures and contacts and there’s no backup for them.

To ensure that you don’t have to deal with this scenario and to have a better chance of phone data recovery services, you should try the following tips. They’ll make sure that should anything happen to your phone – the data can be easily recovered and restored:

1.     Make Regular Backups of Data

Remember to make regular backups of the data on the phone. The frequency of your data backups depends on how much you use your phone. If you’re someone who accesses work documents, emails, or files on their phone every day, you should backup your phone every day too. Yes, it might seem like a lot of work but it protects the data on your phone.

If you’re a heavy smartphone user, you should also back up your phone daily. That’s because you will be amassing a lot of data on a regular basis. These backups will ensure that even if you delete something to make space, you can always get it back if you want. If you don’t use your phone a lot, it is okay to create backups once every week.

Luckily, to make these backups, you can use apps on your phones. Apple offers access to their iCloud for all users. Android and Windows phones can make use of Google Drive and other similar services. This automatically saves all your data on a cloud-based platform.

2.     Have a Backup Storage Strategy

Apart from creating regular data backups, you should also focus on the storage of the data backup. This greatly affects the success of your phone data recovery. In this case, you should have a data storage strategy that involves the following kinds of backups on:

  • Your PC
  • An external hard drive or a USB
  • A cloud storage platform

This ensures that you never lose your data, and can always easily restore any data that you might lose. You will be able to successfully recover all your phone data without any issues. It helps to save you from any unforeseen and sudden loss of storage devices.

Even if you lose the USB or the PC, your cloud saves will still be usable and accessible. Just remember to update the backups when you make them. Otherwise, you might not be able to recover any new data. The extra steps introduced here might make storage a chore for you but it’s worth the effort.

3.     Verify Usability of the Data Backup

Always check the data backup that you make. This means that you check if it is accessible to you or not. Some backups can be in a format that requires special software. Similarly, there might be other backups that get corrupted. In this case, if you try to click on them, the files will not open. But, if you don’t check this aspect beforehand, it is very easy to overlook it.

Checking the backup ensures that you don’t end up thinking that it is valid when it’s actually unusable. It also saves you from a lot of disappointment when you try to attempt phone data recovery with that backup and are unable to do so.

A good way to verify usable data backup is through the PC. Once you create a backup, try to access the files by clicking on them. If it gives errors, you will know that the backup wasn’t made successfully. Similarly, log into your cloud storage platform and access the files you’re saving. Much like with the PC backup, if these files are inaccessible, you will have to fix the backup and create a new one.

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4.     Create Backups through Reliable Channels

To ensure that your phone data recovery backup is usable, you should use reliable software that is meant for this purpose. In most smartphones, you will find software that is compatible with the operating system (OS) of the device. The following are the most reliable ones you can use:

  • Apple has an iCloud feature and offers all users free but limited access to create a cloud backup. Keep in mind that the size of the backup will be restricted. You can buy more cloud space for larger backups. You can also use iTunes to create backups that are stored on the PC.
  • For Android and Windows phones, the Google Drive app is perfect for users. Google Drive actually gives a lot of space to users. It’s perfect for large backups and is easy to access on all Android and Windows phones and devices.

With these options available, it is not necessary to download a specialized app for cloud backup services. Just using the options mentioned above will allow you to create a healthy backup that will be usable and in good condition.

5.     Keep Your Phone in Good Condition

If you want to create a healthy data backup, make sure that your phone is in good condition. A phone that shuts down, hangs or crashes is more likely to have difficulty in creating a good backup. It’s also going to ruin files if the phone turns off half-way between transferring data.

Faulty phones are also more likely to dump data. Every time your phone will restart, it will erase the data and corrupt the backup you are trying to make. These data dumps can mean that you’re constantly losing data. A healthy phone that is in good condition is less likely to do this.

If you do notice such issues, try to get in touch with the manufacturer to get it corrected. Frequent crashes can be indicative of other problems in the software of the phone.

Getting Help for Phone Data Recovery

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