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Types of Laptops We Recover

Most operating systems for laptops are PC due to the volume sold in retail today.  Therefore, we do see quite a bit of laptop recoveries that fall in the PC operating system (Windows NTFS) category.  Second most popular of course is MAC operating system.  With the popularity of Apple products on the market today laptops are no different.  MacBook Pro are the most popular and we do see a lot of requests for laptop data recovery services come through our office.  Out of every 10 laptops we see 4 that are MAC HFS+ formatted.

Typical Damage with Laptops

The biggest problem we see with laptop data recovery are again human error.  Dropping and liquid spills may not directly impact the hard drive but will cause the hard drive to fail due to sudden disruption of power.  Meaning, for example, if someone spills water on their laptop it will in most cases short out the laptop.  The laptop hard drive in most cases has suffered what we call “comprehensive” damage.  The hard drive may not have suffered a mechanical failure but has suffered a logic failure.  The logic failure being sectors in certain part of the hard have become corrupted.  These instances the laptop hard drive is a great candidate for laptop data recovery services.
However, there are instances where the hard drive has sustained a severe damage due to being dropped or being ran over by a vehicle.  The laptop has sustained severe damage.  The concern we have initially is opening the laptop to see if the hard drive itself has avoided damage or may have sustained major damage.  If the laptop hard drive has sustained too much damage, the hard drive is unrecoverable, and is not a candidate for laptop data recovery services.

Laptop Data Recovery Services Offered

Data Recovery Cincinnati offers comprehensive and exhaustive data recovery services.  Comprehensive services where non-clean room tools are utilized to successfully extract the data from the laptop hard drive.  Most of our laptop data recovery services fall within this category.
Exhaustive data recovery services are where clean room tools and methods are needed to extract the data from the damaged hard drive.  There are times where a hard drive has been through our diagnostic process and called a comprehensive recovery.  Then the hard drive ultimately fails and needs exhaustive work to successfully extract the data.  We try and prevent this from happening but does happen on occasion.

How We Save the Data from Your Laptop Recovery

When the recovery process is completed the extracted data is saved to a new external hard drive.  In most cases the new external hard drive is the same storage capacity as the original damaged Laptops & Desktops   hard drive.  The customer is more than welcome to provide their own target device to save the data.  Our only concern is that the target hard drive must not have been utilized previously.  If the customer has no target drive to provide we provide one at cost to the customer.  Typically, a 1TB external hard drive will cost us approximately $67 which includes tax.  Pricing may vary of course.
If you have any other questions about laptop data recovery services performed by Data Recovery Cincinnati LLC please email us or call our office at 513-338-9756.  We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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